Clearwater Kindred

Clearwater Kindred was founded at Yule 2007 with an initial membership of 5 people. The Kindred’s name was inspired by the name of its home city, Calgary, which is often translated as ‘clear water’. Our membership has grown and changed in the years since founding and continues to grow.

Clearwater hosts several events each month in Calgary through the Calgary Heathens group. These events include a Meet and Greet, a Discussion Night, a Heathen Lore Study and a Pub Night. We also host 2 large community Blots for Summerfinding and Winterfinding.

Clearwater Kindred is ‘Tribal’ in nature and as such we do not tolerate discrimination based on skin colour, race, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation. Our Folk have a wide range of personal belief ranging from liberal folkish (not racists) to very vocal Universalists. This is also reflective of the greater Heathen community in Calgary. Our members strive to live the Nine Noble Virtues in our daily lives and the Kindred also places a significant emphasis on the value of Frith and Frithful actions.